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Digital content creation that performs

Practical workshops to power digital content teams

Learn how to master an inspiring multi-disciplinary approach to website content creation, integrating storytelling, SEO, strategy and brand voice.

Objective 1

Align all content contributors and stakeholders on what it takes to create the best possible content for your digital platform and marketing strategy

Objective 2

Provide you with the knowledge, creation skills and practical tools to really make it happen, and maintain the quality in the long term

You will learn

How to achieve a common approach to content for your digital project

How to use fundamental principles of SEO to power your content

Ready-to-use tools and processes for successful content creation

Especially suitable for cross-functional teams at all levels in charge of digital content creation:

Project Managers, Product Managers, Copywriters, Translators, Webmasters, Communication teams, etc…

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Presented by Marianne Lemberger

Marianne is responsible for the content strategy at Walking Men.

She works on a daily basis with leading companies of various backgrounds from all around the world, helping them define their content strategy and make it come to life.

Marianne is at the centre of a multi-expert team of SEO, content and UX experts, and is eager to share her rich expertise in a multidisciplinary approach to digital content creation.

Websites with a strategic content approach engage and perform at least 50% better

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About the workshop experience

Real industry insights




We won't waste your time with boring theories and vague ideas! We have selected tangible examples from inspiring companies and best-practices you won’t want to miss.

After the workshop, you will have take-aways such as practical tools and resources to guide you and your team in your daily tasks.

Apply your learning straight away - we’ll keep you busy with mini-challenges throughout every workshop, so you’ll get back to your desk ready to use what you’ve learned.

You can ask any questions you have, and get advice during the Q&A session after the workshop.

course details

Team workshop for up to 10 participants

0.5 day, at your offices or ours

English, French.

lively in-person workshop leadership, individual copies of your team’s custom toolkit and specialised content creation tools, practical exercises, printed resources and materials, live Q&A session.

Special launch price of 2,899€

Highly recommended for teams looking for a common approach to creating powerful content for digital marketing.

Workshop structure

Part I

How to build and keep a successful content strategy

How to have a coherent and shared approach to content for your digital project

The basics of UX writing and SEO

How to explore the concept of Tone Of Voice and make it a practical tool

How to convey your brand identity through your content


Part II

Content creation and management in the long run

How to identify the different types of content on your website and what that means

What parts of your website require continuous investment

How to use our content creation tools in your daily tasks

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I already know a lot about website content creation. Why should I attend this workshop?

If you already know about digital content creation, you know how much it matters to have the whole team working together. This workshop will help you bring all content contributors and stakeholders in line when it comes to creating the best possible content for your digital platform. It will also provide you with our expertise and practical content creation tools to really make it happen, and get an effective content approach in the long run.

What is the importance of content creation for a digital platform and a marketing strategy?

The content creation process is an essential pillar for the web. It is at the core of a good marketing strategy, a strong SEO strategy for better search results, and brand positioning with storytelling and a Tone of Voice to truly stand out.

How much time do I need to complete this content creation workshop?

The workshop lasts one full day but you can also decide to do two half-days, that’s totally ok with us.

Can my team and I attend the workshop if we are not yet customers of yours?

Of course you can! Our workshops are open to anyone who wants to develop specific digital skills through practical teaching.

Will there be a live Q&A and feedback session after the workshop?

Absolutely! We keep a dedicated Q&A time during the workshop to allow each participant to share their experiences and ask questions, in order to clarify our content creation guidelines. We strongly believe in the power of togetherness and are looking forward to sharing and growing together!

What is the maximum number of participants per workshop?

We do workshops for 10 persons maximum. This workshop is especially suitable for teams, but we want to make sure we are not too busy so everyone can have an active role and we can address everyone’s needs and expectations.

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If you want to take your team and your work to the next level, we look forward to inspiring you.


In this two-part workshop made especially for multi-expert teams, our expert will give you the tools and ability to create the best possible content for your digital platform.

This workshop is a product of Walking Men.

Walking Men is a strategic partner that can help you develop your digital capabilities to better connect with your audiences.