Walking Men is looking for 
a Digital Art Director

We are an influential, trusted and awarded agency. We are looking for an ambitious person to work in collaboration with our design department and to walk along with us. As a Digital Art Director at Walking Men you will make sure that every brief is approached with fresh eyes, and will inspire work that is distinctive, effective and remarkable.

You have a clear vision of how to make people remember brands by using the inherent richness of digital. And you are eager to share this vision with the team, and with the clients. You apply your love for design to strategic insight and UX, and bring to life beautiful ideas that evoke the right feelings.

Definitely Required

  • A solid background in and a mastery of one or more of the following disciplines: Graphic Design, Web Design, Art Direction.
  • You are proud of and want to show us distinctive works that spans digital design and storytelling.
  • A strong understanding of digital ecosystems as well as of the marketing industry at large.
  • An ability and a desire to adapt to the changing landscape of technology.
  • Great communication skills: verbal, written, interpersonal and interdepartmental.
  • Experience with user-centred design and design thinking methodologies.
  • You make extensive research and create vast moodboards to feed your vision and future design components.
  • Great knowledge of design and prototyping tools such as Sketch, Figma and Invision.


  • A modern and fresh aesthetic eye for interfaces with an outside-the-box perception for typography.
  • Hands-on experience and working in a methodological environment.
  • Understanding of UX best practices, ability of reading low/mid/high-fidelity wireframes and interpret them into designs.
  • Strength to maintain long term projects.
  • Creative awareness and precise overview of the web industry.
  • Comprehension of the value of collaboration and teamwork.
  • Experimentation-oriented, in-depth research through various methods.
  • Visual storyteller and experience in content-first approach.
  • Knowledge of web-based technologies, including the capabilities and limitations of web development.

Qualities and Characteristics

  • You are fearless, boundlessly creative and rigorously attentive to detail.
  • Proficient in a variety of methods to convey ideas and concepts.
  • Motivated to always pull the team forward and to take initiatives.
  • You are known for your easy-going personality and empathy towards others.
  • You have a conciliatory approach and like to get people involved.
  • You have a "show-don't-tell" approach to work and enhance it with your energetic personality.

The extra-something that could make a difference

  • You like to draw stuff and animate them.
  • You understand and/or can speak in French, English and Dutch.
  • You have wonderful side projects outside of work, even if not related.
  • Environmentally conscious, you do small daily ecological gestures.
  • We love to eat together and would love a good gourmet colleague.

Let's skip the small talk, shall we? Pair your outstanding CV/portfolio with your answers to 3 of the questions below and let's start talking!

  1. What is the coolest thing you have ever done?
  2. What is your favorite thing about Brussels?
  3. Describe your dream job.
  4. How do people describe you?
  5. Who inspires you and why?
  6. Tell us about an adventure you would like to go for.
  7. What is your ultimate day-off program?
  8. Tell us about a situation when you took a risk to achieve a goal
  9. Describe us your favorite meal and explain what makes it your favorite.
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Walking Men is a full service digital agency, a place where strategy, design and technology meet. We design and build websites, extranets, e-commerce projects - anything that requires a highly creative execution and faultless production.
We are located in the heart of Brussels, and offer a very competitive package, plus all the perks.
The agency has been active since 2001, and employs 16 digital experts. We are open-minded, curious and believe that diversity makes us better. That’s why we are looking for all types of people. We see great value in different minds, from all kinds of backgrounds, working together to create memorable experiences.