Walking Men is a digital design agency based in Brussels.

We craft meaningful digital experiences. We have a history of designing commercial and corporate websites, intranet and extranet platforms, applications, e-commerce websites, and just about anything that demands creative strategizing and flawless production.

Selected Work

“It has become a second nature for us at Walking Men to get into the skin of the users, listen to them, talk to them, walk with them.”

Why we are Walking Men
an article by Katelijne

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The slow notion of walking is absolutely crucial - don’t run, don’t rush, don’t skip paces and take every step into account. Every bend or potential choice at a cross-road has to be explored and considered.

And while we stroll with you and your users, we take our time, observe their decisions, pay careful attention to ask the right questions and take note of their answers.

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Today, we keep on walking. We are taking you on a tour through our much cared for neighborhood. Walk with us and discover places we love in Brussels.


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