Define and refine the fundamentals

The strategy defines how your web project will become the efficient central platform of all your different touchpoints.

Our aim is to create a meaningful digital ecosystem. To achieve that, we need a solid digital strategy. Together we will align your expectations, outline user journeys and define the KPI’s that will steer us.

Giada Gião
Performance Expert

Online strategy

Our starting point for your online strategy will be the customer journey of your different audiences. We will define how your new website needs to behave to become a key touchpoint of their overall customer journey, allowing a seamless end-to-end customer experience. We will map the customer journey of your main audiences in close collaboration with you, and detail the use cases of the website, based on a truly user-centric approach.


We will define the strategic tactics that need to be integrated in your website, in relation to your business objectives, the expectations of your users and their customer journeys. One of the main outcomes of this track are the KPI’s that will allow us to measure the success of the project.

SEO strategy

The SEO strategy is a key element to support the success of a website. Our SEO methodology consists of 4 phases: analysis, strategy, guidelines and reporting.

From the very beginning of the project, we will work on the SEO analysis of your current website, as a parallel track to the business analysis. This will allow us to understand where you stand with SEO and what can be improved. We take into account the elements in place: traffic, positioning on search result pages (SERPs), and make sure to keep what is performing well. We look for improvements while maintaining what's already working. We will look at the context: your business, its goals, its geographical situation, the markets, the users and the targets of the new website. These insights will allow us to define the right keywords and link them to the structure and the content of the website, as well as relevant KPIs.


Aligned with the online strategy, we will then define the SEO strategy that will be translated in actionable recommendations: what needs to be implemented, on which pages? These guidelines are then used throughout the content strategy, UX, UI and development.

The outcome of the SEO strategy will also allow us to identify the potential of semantic cocoons to improve the visibility of your site in less obvious markets.

Our work doesn't end with the go-live of the website: we keep on checking on its SEO health regularly and look for improvements.

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