“How does good content make a difference?” A conversation.

We asked our Head of Strategy, SEO expert, Creative Director, Digital Producer and Lead Developer this question : how does good content make a difference? Here’s what they answered.


“Content is king and design is queen. Strong brands cannot have one without the other. And if you want your digital ecosystem to perform in the long term, then content should be your priority. To convey the right personality, to tell the right story, to get visibility with the right audience … you can’t miss out on content.”




“Content is extremely important for SEO, content quality and structure are how search engines understand what pages are about, judge how qualitative they are and how to match them (rank it) to user searches.
Content that matches user search intentions will increase user experience, improve the visibility on search engines and drive qualitative traffic.”




“Content is the foundation stone that shapes our creative process: from starting with a series of words to identify the values of a brand to articulating our visual choices around a relevant storytelling, content is what gives meaning to the projects entrusted to us for both our customers and their users.
Content, associated with the right visual language, has the power to make a project, a brand or a digital ecosystem unique and make it stand out.”




“Content is the thread that guides a project through all of its stages. A website that needs to support big chunks of information at once will have a very different strategy and design than another that aims to be direct and entice action. Structural content decisions will also inform development: do we need a more complex CMS? How will the different content types interact? Which taxonomies and tags will make sense for this project? Good content weighs even in the aftermath: are we getting the SEO results we expected? Do we need adjustments?
If the content falters, it can block everything on its way. But when it shines just right, it reflects enough to elevate every other step of the production.”




“Good content that follows the data-model and structure that was agreed upon saves a developer's work and sanity. As content often arrives late in a site building lifecycle, having a mismatch between the design/UX and the content causes many headaches for developers that need to re-work the site's data-model to fit the new content structure with unavoidable delays. Good content is also complete, especially important in multilingual contexts, having content with bits missing causes extra overhead due to extra back-and-forths between developers, copywriters, and translators. When dealing with a site's search feature, good content is key to making it work. If common search words or tags are not present in the content the search results will be bad; a developer cannot magically fix this.”

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