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We’re seeing more and more companies choose to highlight a key area of their activity with a dedicated website. Something we definitely enjoy doing! Building a website that focuses on a strategic subject in parallel with an existing site brings its own batch of challenges: we’re ready for all of them!

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01The story

Elia Group Brussels headquarters are just a few streets away from our office - one of the perks of working in a human-sized city! We were approached by their team to help shine a light on their dynamic and strategic innovation work.

The energy sector is in urgent need of technical and strategic changes. Via a dedicated website, our goal was to show Elia Group as an innovative leader guiding society through the energy transition.

02A content-first approach

We began by gathering all the information we could from the client. After analysing this inspiring but almost overwhelming amount of raw content, we started telling the story through our adjustable html prototype.

Seeing the story in place didn’t just help us add strength and precision to the message - it also meant we could build a tighter relationship with our client, working hand in hand to achieve our goal.

03Hierarchy and UX

After finalising our prototype and the story we wanted to tell for Elia, it was important to give the user experience a human touch, offering easy and intuitive contact with the team, positioning Elia Group as an open and accessible collaborator.

This is reinforced by an open airy layout and large bold type, giving plenty of space to boxed-out real-world applications - essential for inspiring new partners in the different fields of research at Elia Group.

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and creation

The Elia Innovation team had already collaborated with our partners at DoubleDouble, creating explanatory videos with strong and impactful visuals. These animations were close to Elia's corporate visual universe, but we wanted to go a step further. But how?

We began by building a moodboard focusing on the website visual identity and guidelines: which elements do we keep, which should we adjust, are there any to get rid of? The design team worked closely with the strategy team, making sure that the design would fit the targets’ personalities and interests.

05When designers and developers together add a touch of sparkle

The drop shadow, which is subtly projected on most of the texts on the site, was created and perfected thanks to the expertise of our team of developers.

This creative touch enhances, in a dynamic and interactive way, the visual concept of light emanations, linked to the Elia Group business sector. Innovative!

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